International Journal of Management and Scientific Research

The International Journal of management and Scientific Research (IJMASR) advances both conceptual and experiential study, shapes policies and practices and fosters understanding of how proper management decisions contribute to the well being of organisations and nations. IJMASR is an international peer-reviewed multidisciplinary journal that accepts papers from accounting, applied economics, business strategy, marketing, organisational behavior, finance, law, information technology and health care.

The journal also welcome original research in areas including agro forestry management, entrepreneurship development, psychology, engineering, environmental issues, ecology, botany, forensics, political science, statistics, industrial relations, project management, and other disciplines provided the application relates to management.

Enhanced strategic decision making is imperative for firms to gain competitive edge over their rivals and for nations to function well. As competition intensifies and natural resources continually diminish, managers and policy makers need cutting edge management and leadership skills to improve their bottom line and uplift societies respectively for the betterment of all. The journal emphasis the relevance of theories and concepts to management and leadership practices for the survival, growth, and success of organizations and nations as a whole.

Manuscripts submitted to IJMASR may be up to 10 pages including abstract, tables, and references as well as the main text. However, manuscripts below this limit are preferred. Please refer to Author Guidlines (under About the Journal) for information on article submission. The Journal's Editorial Staff will be happy to help if you require further information.